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Navigating air quality and temperature in a warehouse can be tricky, but Total Construction Rentals will help simplify the process. Whether you need heating, cooling, or ventilation equipment for your storage and distribution environment, our team is available 24/7 to help your Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, or Washington D.C.-based warehouse.

We specialize in commercial and industrial temperature solutions that offer portability and flexibility. Find a solution that works for you today with our diverse selection of equipment:

Warehouse Heating and climate control


Ensuring a balanced temperature in your storage space promotes a healthier and more productive workspace for your staff and safeguards them from potential health hazards from extreme climates. Beyond personnel, certain goods and materials demand particular temperature settings to ward off degradation or spoilage.

Proper climate management also promotes energy conservation and fiscal prudence by reducing unnecessary costs.


Expansive structures like vast warehouse buildings and sprawling distribution centers come with unique demands for climate management. Given their sheer size, these establishments necessitate highly effective heating and cooling systems to ensure consistent temperature regulation across their extensive areas.

Moreover, these centers are hubs for products with specific storage condition requirements. Proper climate control becomes pivotal to maintaining the quality and integrity of these items and preventing potential spoilage or damage that unsuitable conditions might cause. Ensuring optimal temperature is not just about preservation; it’s about safeguarding the value and reputation of the products.

Ensuring Top Quality in Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities often require specific climate conditions. These facilities can include:

  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Food Processing Plants

A controlled environment ensures that every product that rolls off the line meets the high standards these industries uphold. This controlled environment is not just to confirm the consistent quality and functionality of the products but also to guarantee that every step of the manufacturing cycle operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Keep Perishable Goods Fresh

Cold storage facilities, particularly those safeguarding perishable items like food and medical supplies, hinge on meticulous temperature regulation to uphold the quality and ensure the safety of their inventory.


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Available Equipment for Climate Control

We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge in tailoring warehouse climate solutions, offering a broad spectrum of portable heating and cooling tools to fit varied settings. Avoid the pitfalls of uncertainty or overinvesting in equipment that ‘isn’t a perfect fit. Our seasoned experts work with your leadership to pinpoint and scale your commercial climate needs.

Temporary Industrial Heating Rentals

Here are some options to keep your warehouse warm during cold snaps.

Temporary Industrial Cooling Rentals

Stave off stagnant air and keep your products fresh with these top-of-the-line cooling devices.

What to Expect With a Rental

Our experts will ensure you get what you need from start to finish. Customers can rely on the following from our experienced team members.

Prioritize Proper Climate Control Today

Total Construction Rentals has the warehouse heating and cooling equipment you require to stay up to industry standards and help maintain your facility. Don’t get daunted by sudden weather changes or utility failures. Keep your storage units at the optimum temperature with our rental fleet.