T.C.R. Warning Signs of Overheating

How A Rental Air Conditioner Can Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion poses a serious threat. When temperatures soar, finding relief from the heat becomes crucial. If you don’t have cooling for workers, there’s a solution: renting a portable air conditioner from TCR can be the perfect way to prevent heat stroke and keep workers safe.


Heat stroke is a serious condition resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. When your body is subjected to constant heat without relief, it can lead to various symptoms, including a fever exceeding 104 degrees, confusion, seizures, coma, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, and vomiting.

Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention and should never be underestimated. It can be fatal and should not be confused with heat exhaustion. According to the Mayo Clinic, heat exhaustion is one of the three heat-related illnesses, with heat cramps being the mildest form and heat stroke the most severe. Exposure to high temperatures without relief is the only way to develop any of these heat-related illnesses.


There are three things you can do to avoid heat illnesses. First, take breaks from the heat by seeking refuge in air-conditioned spaces. Renting an air conditioner can swiftly cool down your surroundings and prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Second, stay hydrated by drinking up to a gallon of fresh, cool water on very hot days. Third, wear appropriate clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, hats, and full-length pants made of light fabrics like cotton or linen to help keep your skin cooler. These precautions are especially crucial for those who work outdoors, particularly in blue-collar jobs.


Sometimes, indoor temperatures can surpass those outdoors, as buildings can magnify the sun’s heat. You might assume you’re safer indoors on scorching days, but without climate control like an air conditioner, you’re not. When temperatures start to climb, the only way to ensure safety is by having an air conditioner to provide relief from the heat.


For your outdoor jobsites and work areas, consider renting an air conditioner to prevent workers from becoming overheated. Heat exhaustion and overheating are more common than many realize. Be mindful of these warning signs of overheating during the upcoming summer.


Heat-related illnesses, such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, occur when the body is unable to cool itself efficiently, particularly during the hot months of the year. According to Mayo Clinic, heat exhaustion is one of three heat-related syndromes, with heat cramps being the mildest and heatstroke being the most severe. Heat exhaustion serves as a precursor to heatstroke and is triggered by a loss of water and electrolytes. Overheating poses risks as it often precedes other sun-induced trouble. Additionally, not recognizing the signs of dehydration is another hazard. An overheated state jeopardizes the body’s most vulnerable and delicate tissues, including nerve cells in the brain and throughout the body, leading to symptoms such as confusion, memory impairment, and even loss of consciousness.


The way you sweat can reveal insights about your health. It’s crucial to pay attention if you notice any changes in the amount of sweat your body produces. If you find yourself with hot and red skin, it’s imperative to take a break from the heat immediately. Look out for signs such as nausea, severe headaches, and dizziness. Stop all activity if you experience persistent muscle cramps or spasms. Lastly, monitor the rate of your pulse closely; if it’s either too slow or too fast, seek immediate cooling measures.


Fortunately, these illnesses are preventable. During summer heatwaves, it’s crucial to stay out of direct sunlight, stay hydrated, monitor urine color for signs of dehydration, avoid wearing dark and constrictive clothing, and steer clear of alcoholic beverages. If attending or hosting outdoor events, consider whether they provide rental air conditioners, as this can significantly enhance well-being.

Heat exhaustion and related illnesses are severe conditions. Renting an air conditioner or cooling equipment for use in your facility or on a remote jobsite can ensure you and your workers remain cool, safe and productive in the heat. For more information on our rental cooling and HVAC services, contact TCR today!