Case Study: Emergency Dehumidification Rental for College Drying in Connecticut

When water damage occurred at a prestigious college in Connecticut, the moisture and potential issues were an immediate concern and required quick drying.  Contacted by a local restoration company, T.C.R. promptly mobilized and responded with drying equipment.

After conferring with the contractors on-site and determining the areas of concern and the size of the spaces, a 7,500 CFM desiccant dehumidifier was chosen to dry the building properly. This equipment would circulate the appropriate amount of dry air to mitigate damage. The dehumidifier, fans, and other smaller drying equipment on-site were used to prevent additional issues and return the building to its pre-damage condition.

Collaborating with the restoration contractor, T.C.R. supplied the large equipment and arranged for all delivery elements, including fueling the temporary generator needed to power the dehumidifier. T.C.R. orchestrated the drying process in consultation with the contractors to ensure our efforts were aligned and achieved the best results.  

The equipment was on-site for only a few days, but in that short time—and thanks to the quick response of all the contractors—the moisture was removed, and no lingering issues emerged. Both the university and the restoration contractor were pleased with T.C.R.’s initial response, setup, and final results. The building was dry and usable not long after the damage occurred.


  • 1 x 7,500 CFM rental desiccant dehumidifier
  • 1 x temporary generator to power the dehumidifier unit
  • Delivery and placement of units
  • Ductwork and temporary ducting installation
  • Fueling service arranged by T.C.R.