Case Study

Discrete Temporary Cooling for Summer Event Facility in New Jersey

An event space recently contacted TCR to help provide cool and comfortable conditions for their summer events in a facility without a permanent HVAC system. This large, antiquated building offered electric connections and high roofs but lacked any cooling on the premises. With years of experience working on similar projects, the TCR team knew how to deliver the necessary conditions.

Maintaining comfort is essential for an enclosed event space with over a hundred formally dressed attendees during the summer. In Northern New Jersey, summer temperatures can soar, and the humidity makes the air sticky. In such conditions, climate control is vital. Proper cooling is necessary, as this space typically hosts many guests for formal events where attendees wear suits and dresses.

In addition to the event space’s cooling needs, the owner was concerned about appearances. They preferred not to have small, portable cooling units among the dining tables and flowers, which could interfere with the ambiance. They wanted the space to be comfortable in terms of temperature but not at the expense of the atmosphere. Could TCR quietly and inconspicuously deliver air conditioning without guests noticing?

TCR staff made several determinations after visiting the event building and examining the space. Based on the building’s size, rooms, and ceiling heights, they determined the size of the commercial air conditioning unit needed. The team also factored in the number of people typically present, the entry and exit points, and how much cool air might be lost through these areas. They examined the building’s electricity, confirming the available amperage and voltage. The next step was deciding on the placement of the unit or units to be used.

Following the calculations and assessment of the building, a 25-ton commercial air conditioner was chosen to maintain cooling for events held in this space during the warm summer months. The critical decisions included determining the unit placement, how to deliver the cool air, and how to minimize the sound disturbance from the rental unit.

Considering the property’s slope and entry points, TCR chose a space at the rear of the building to place the 25-ton temporary unit. This allowed the AC unit to be outside the building, below the area with guests. Using temporary ducting, the air was sent into the main hall. The facility was equipped with fans in all rooms to distribute cool air evenly. The noise from the unit and airflow was minimal and became nearly undetectable in the presence of a large group of people.

The cooling unit was delivered, and TCR staff installed the ducting. Since then, the event space has hosted several successful events, with guests never questioning the temperatures or noticing the use of a temporary cooling unit. The facility owner has decided to extend the rental of the air conditioning unit and intends to keep the temporary cooling system in place for the summer season.