T.C.R. Benefits of a Dehumidifier


Today, the measure of a successful construction project is how quickly and efficiently it can be completed without compromising quality. However, construction projects are susceptible to delays, especially due to humidity issues. That’s why many contractors turn to TCR for their rental dehumidifiers to help improve projects and maintain schedules. Explore the top three ways a rental dehumidifier can improve production and meeting deadlines.


Research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates that boosting indoor air quality can increase workplace performance and productivity by 6-9%. One of the significant benefits of a dehumidifier is its ability to keep your workers comfortable. For instance, when it’s necessary to work in rooms with little ventilation, these places often have high moisture and humidity levels since very little outside air gets in. Renting a portable unit ensures effective regulation of humidity levels, making the environment more comfortable for workers. Even in the face of unexpected temperature changes resulting in higher amounts of moisture in the air, better control of the immediate environment can be maintained, helping prevent more significant problems like mold growth. Additionally, a dehumidifier can improve project performance by protecting your sensitive materials before and during installation.


Not having a balanced level of humidity can quickly create issues and cause worksite delays.  Issues may range from adhesives not holding, to wood products swelling and dry times on paint and other applied materials taking longer than normal. High humidity levels often cause delays in the construction process and can make meeting client deadlines tricky. By renting dehumidifiers from a reliable provider, you can lower on-site humidity levels, accelerate the drying process, and complete your project on time. The bonus is that you don’t have to deal with the upfront costs of purchasing dehumidification equipment. You can quickly obtain the equipment you need from TCR and get your project back on track in no time, saving you money on delays and lost production time.


An efficient dehumidification setup can also improve construction job sites by reducing the risk of damage to the buildings. Excessive moisture can harm delicate materials such as wood and lining materials. If concrete and plaster don’t dry quickly enough, it can disrupt the process. Using a dehumidifier is preferable to other options requiring higher temperatures, potentially leading to cracking and wall damage, or using only fans, which does nothing to address the humidity.

When humidity strikes, relying on a rental dehumidifier can be the difference your project needs. Choosing the right rental dehumidifier size ensures an effective setup that improves project timelines. Contact TCR today if you want to rent a dehumidifier to streamline your construction project.


While a dehumidifier is undoubtedly valuable for construction projects, it also delivers comfort to other spaces beyond new construction. Humidity, while discomforting for humans, can also wreak havoc on sensitive materials.

A dehumidifier eliminates uncomfortable and damaging moisture from the air, ensuring comfort and safety for sensitive materials, such as wood products like flooring and molding in construction, but also to other items, such as computers, servers and electronic equipment.


Individuals with asthma and other respiratory illnesses can significantly benefit from a dehumidifier. Experts suggest that maintaining a relative humidity of 50% or less in a space can substantially ease breathing discomfort.

Excessive humidity can make a space feel hotter than it is, posing challenges for businesses seeking better environmental control. While investing in a dehumidifier system for every space may not be feasible, rentals offer a practical solution. Searching for a dehumidifier rental can help secure this equipment without a significant investment.

Many businesses have discovered that renting a dehumidifier is an ideal solution to decrease the energy consumption of portable air conditioner rentals. Maintaining a comfortable environment for employees and guests becomes more straightforward with the addition of dehumidifier rentals.


Humidity, or moisture in the air, is widely recognized as the primary adversary of computers and other equipment. A humid environment can lead to overheating and premature aging of equipment.

Fortunately, you can protect your expensive equipment investment by using a dehumidifier during the peak months of high humidity. Maintaining low humidity levels in office spaces, server rooms, and other areas significantly preserves your investment.


Reducing the humidity level can enhance the comfort of any space. Many people mistakenly rely on cranking up the AC to feel comfortable when simply having the right equipment can achieve the desired comfort.

Lower humidity levels contribute to a more comfortable temperature perception. By running a dehumidifier alongside your AC, you can raise the thermostat a few degrees without anyone noticing, maintaining comfort while reducing energy consumption.

A rental can offer the ideal solution for reducing energy costs, protecting sensitive equipment, and ensuring everyone’s comfort. Learn more about portable air conditioning and dehumidifier rentals by contacting TCR today.